Your site's got pages (approx),
your top 90% of visitors are using about test configurations*, so you need to check 1,000,000 pages every time you release a change. Right?

* devices, operating systems, browsers and resolutions

Learn a lean analytics approach to working out what to test here

Relax, ScreenShooter automates website quality control.

Do you end up cutting massive corners with your quality assurance (QA)?

You check a few resolutions, in a few browsers and on the phones and tablets you have to hand. Then you release without really being sure that everything will render properly for most of your users.

Thoroughly testing all your pages on all devices, OSs, browsers and resolutions used to be too expensive and time-consuming.

After releases, the issue reports flow in but how many users abandoned your site before you fixed the issues? And how do you know that your fix didn’t break something else – you have to test all over again. And worse, what about the more marginal issues that have users abandoning without reporting?

It’s not good enough is it?

Relax! With ScreenShooter you can thoroughly and affordably test your whole website across all your devices, operating systems, browsers and resolutions and once you’ve checked  to establish a good reference for that test configuration, ScreenShooter will automatically compare with your reference so you only need to check changes.

ScreenShooter is the solution, use it to automate your render testing and ensure all your users see your site at its best

Now, you can be certain that every page renders correctly for all of your users no matter what technology they are using to access your site.

Automate your website QA

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