1. Projects > Add Project
  2. add project

  3. Give the project a name – The name of the project is usually the brand name of the website.
  4. Add one or more domains and label them. e.g. “Live” or “Production”, Staging” or “Pre”, “Development”, “QA” etc.
    It´s best to copy and paste the URL directly from the browser.
    Don’t add domains from different projects here – domains should be environments on the same project. You can add a new project for your other website(s) 🙂
  5. Choose the dropbox account you want ScreenShooter to send images toproject and domain name
  6. Settings > Add page elements to hide – as the interface says – you may want to
      • hide items like: cookie acceptance bars, survey pop-overs etc.
      • hide regions with dynamic content that cause a difference when comparing to a reference image that you would prefer ScreenShooter to ignore so that when you compare against reference images differences here don’t cause you to have to recheck the images – differences in these areas are expected.


  7. Settings > Add any position:fixed elements that appear at the top of the page – These are elements that move down the page when the page is scrolled, such as
    • a floating header bar
    • floating menu.
      You need to tell us about these elements so that they don’t appear more than once in the screen shot.
      If you have any position:fixed elements located anywhere other than at the top, you probably want to list these as page elements to hide


  8. Save the project

And now?

Well done! Now you can .