Page Lists allow you to specify a sub-set of pages from a crawl to be ScreenShot, so you only need to use a page list if you think the number of paths in your crawl is too many to ScreenShoot and check at this time.

You can also manually add paths to a crawl or to the default crawl which is “Home Page Only” if you want a manually created list of pages without running the crawler.  If you just want to ScreenShoot every page from the crawl then there is no need to create a PageList, you can just select the Crawl when you create your ScreenShooting job.

Whereas with a Crawl you have to wait for the Crawler to finish, with a Page List you are making use of work the crawler has already done, so with a crawl you need to set it off and comeback once it’s finished, but with a PageList as soon as it’s defined you can get ScreenShooting (set-up a job)

So, for example, I recently crawled, I limited the crawler to a link depth of 2 to get a smallish set of pages to use for quality control purposes, but I still got 73 pages – which was more than I needed at this stage – I got an email from ScreenShooter with the list of ULRs found. I decided that rather than checking every page in the blog and every page in the portfolio, for now I would just check one page of each type.

So I clicked Page lists > Add page list

With just 73 URLs it’s not necessary to use Rules. The Rules enabled settings allows for advanced include/exlcude pattern matching rules.

In the Your PageList section I can see the 73 included paths and I can delete blog pages and portfolio pages except for 1 of each. As I delete each page that I want to exclude, those pages are shown in Excluded Paths, they are removed from Included Paths, and in the rules section the rules are written for me. I save my Page List and now I can use it to run a ScreenShooter Job.

We will publish more detailed instructions here on setting up Page Lists shortly, if you are wanting to use a Page List now – go ahead and give it a try, if you are stuck please contact us via the live chat, we’ll be delighted to help you out.