If you have the dropbox application installed open it, otherwise go to the Google Play Store to get it

Login to the dropbox account which has access to your ScreenShooter job results

Use the hamburger menu to go to files and navigate to the job results you want to review – see Find your Screenshots

If your pages are pretty long, the aspect ratio of the image combined with a seeming arbitrary zoom limit in the Android Dropbox application may prevent you being able to zoom into the image sufficiently to be able to really review it properly – if you hit this problem:

  1. Long tap any image
  2. Use the double tick icon to select all files in the folder
  3. Use the three dots icon to open a menu where you’ll find “Save to Device”
  4. Once Dropbox has finished exporting the images – or while it’s doing it if you’re really that impatient 😉 – you can open the images in the Gallery application and from there you’ll be able to use them.

The instructions Check your ScreenShots apply except that you’ll be working with a copy of the Dropbox folder so any deleting of images or changing of folder names you’ll need to do on the Dropbox folder itself.