1. If you don’t already have an account, request your free trial You will get a welcome email from us confirming your Login is active.
  2. Click on the Avatar at the top right and click Cloud Storage Accounts
  3. Click on Add Cloud Storage AccountClick_on_Add_Cloud_Storage_Account
  4. You’ll need to give your Storage Account a name, at the time of writing Dropbox is supported for cloud storage, If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can get one here. We do support both private Dropbox accounts or team (company) Dropbox accounts. I recommend labelling your cloud storage account as either “Private yours@example.com” or “Team team@example.com” but it’s just a name, call it whatever you like.
    give your Storage Account a name
  5. You’ll then need to choose whether to give ScreenShooter app access or full access – choose app access if you don’t need to work collaboratively, choose full access if you do need to work collaboratively.

What’s next?

Congratulations! You’re ready to !